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Independence. Empowered.
Plug into Lighting One and Power Up Your Business

With the combined strength of over 200 innovative lighting retail locations in the United States and Canada and more than 30 aligned suppliers,
Lighting One provides benefits, programs and support services that give member retailers the competitive edge.

That’s right! Members of the Lighting One cooperative are empowered to buy better, to reduce their cost of doing business, to network
with industry leaders, to forge relationships with top manufacturers, to take advantage of exclusive benefits no unaffiliated competitor can match.

The list of Lighting One Member Benefits goes on and on. Perhaps the single greatest benefit of Lighting One to our members? Independence!

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To learn more about Lighting One membership, click here. For additional information, contact LeAnn Day, Senior Membership Consultant, at 314-493-9633 or by email.

Cleveland Lighting One Store Front

Brechers Store Front Group of Members at Convention southern lights store front passion lighting store front masterpiece lighting store front carols lighting store front kbl store front hermitage lighting store front capitol lighting store front
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