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Lighting One Makes a Difference

By uniting more than 150 independent lighting retailers with more than 270 locations across North America, Lighting One empowers member independence.

Lighting One members benefit from exclusive supplier and national programs to reduce day-to-day operating expenses by thousands of dollars each year, which increases their profitability.

Today, Lighting One member showrooms, catering to the builder, commercial and retail trades, collectively sell an estimated $750-million annually of high-quality merchandise. Additionally, new strategies are in place to ensure that Lighting One continues to outpace industry service and growth rates.

Belonging to Lighting One buying cooperative could help you improve your business and your bottom line. Learn more now.

Committed to Entrepreneurialism

Lighting One leverages the power of scale and key relationships with leading suppliers to cut operating expenses and help its members improve their independent business.

As a division of CCA Global Partners, one of the nation’s leading cooperatives with exceptional buying power, Lighting One is able to provide its members with services and operational efficiencies that cannot be achieved by an individual store.

CCA Global’s unique business model has a proven track record of empowering thousands of forward-thinking entrepreneurs to succeed in a marketplace with limited opportunities.

By providing innovative products, systems and services, CCA Global and Lighting One gives independent businesses a competitive edge while allowing them to maintain their identities.

Who is CCA Global Partners?

  • Structured into 13 affiliated Companies
  • More than 2,700 member locations worldwide
  • Financially solid
    • Strong balance sheet
    • No debt
    • More than 100 consecutive quarters of profitability
  • Over $1 billion in cumulative distribution to its members

CCA Global Partners and each of its related businesses operate under one unified mission: to empower entrepreneurs and independent business owners by providing the scale, resources and innovation that create sustainability, growth and effective competition in today’s evolving marketplace.

An Industry Leader

Lighting One got its start in 2001. The group joined CCA Global Partners with 40 members. Through consistent growth, Lighting One is now a key force in the lighting industry.

  • More than 270 Member locations in North America
  • Over 30 Lighting & Accessory Suppliers
  • American Lighting Association (ALA) Partner
  • Partner with XO Lights and Lights America

The Lighting One Cooperative leverages the power of scale to cut business costs. Our management team negotiates exclusive programs with each partner supplier for Lighting One members only. These exclusive programs, which provide additional rebates, incentives, and reduced freight, contribute in yielding members higher margins and increased profitability.

Lighting One is aligned with more than 30 partnering suppliers including Kichler, Quoizel, The Elk Group, Progress, Satco, Art Craft, Nora, Juno and Uttermost.

By joining forces with other lighting retailers and adding the strength of the other divisions of CCA, Lighting One is able to offer you exclusive support – without changing anything about your unique business.

Why Lighting One?
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