As one of the newest trends in interior design, the cottagecore aesthetic focuses on the simplicity of life, yet adds a touch of elegance for results similar to that of the shabby chic trend started in the ‘80s. This heavily desired look can be achieved all throughout your home by embracing the vintage decor from a local antique shop or a relative’s basement, and upgrading the lighting to gain that perfect blend of styles — known now as cottagecore. 

Lighting One member showrooms, strive to provide you with the newest trends in lighting and décor. Continue reading to learn how to transform your room or home with this beautiful, comfort-filled style. 

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Luminous Lighting

While there are many different elements to a cottagecore design, the lighting in the space is one of the most important parts. With the foundation of the cottagecore aesthetic being built on comfort and nature, lighting plays a big part in achieving that warm and inviting feeling.

While natural light is important in cottagecore, the proper added light must be incorporated to create a perfectly lit space. Plus, your lighting can double as a beautiful, cottagecore-inspired decor piece. Whether it be a rustic farmhouse fixture or a floral English countryside fixture — cottagecore light fixtures are some of the most unique pieces, and are the perfect way to complete your cottagecore design. 


Bringing Back the Vintage

Cottagecore is heavily built on the roots of the past and nostalgia. When it comes to furniture and décor that aligns with the cottagecore aesthetic, you will find that much of it has a vintage look and feel. From traditionally antique pieces to utilizing DIY vintaging techniques, imperfections are key to achieving the wonderfully vintage side of the cottagecore look. 

Bring vintage into your cottagecore design with the use of beautiful light fixtures from our Lighting One member showrooms.


Honing in on Comfort

Another piece to the new cottagecore aesthetic is making the space feel cozy and inviting. The main way you can achieve this is by including soft furnishings, such as throw pillows, blankets or quilts, and rugs. Fabric-styled light shades can also add a soft warmth to the space.

The main goal is to make it feel lived in. Rather than the very clean and crisp simplicity of modern design styles, cottagecore hones in on simple living — offering the comfort and peace that a home should provide.


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Play Around with Textures

In addition to earth tones, you will find a lot of different textures in a cottagecore design. The soft furnishings we discussed earlier often add texture to the space, but texture is also abundant in the different materials and finishing techniques used on cottagecore-inspired items. 

These textures can be found in a variety of places, such as wall paneling, textured paint, wallpaper, distressed furniture or floors, and lighting fixtures. The earth tones mixed with a variety of textures create that cozy feel of the cottagecore aesthetic that makes it both unique and beautiful.

Adding a Touch of Nature

Adding a Touch of Nature

Adding a Touch of Nature

With cottagecore being based on simple, natural living, many add a touch of nature to their design. From houseplants and farm decor to utilizing natural materials such as wood, hemp, and wicker, bringing a piece of the outdoors into your space adds charm and beauty. 

Florals are also a common touch of nature and color in cottagecore designs — from a decorative vase filled with flowers to light fixtures with vines and floral patterns. Add some life and a hint of color to your cottagecore aesthetic today! 

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Lighting One

As the cottagecore aesthetic and other design trends increase in popularity, Lighting One member showrooms provide you with the lighting and decor that you need to bring your visions to life.

Our showrooms are filled with cottagecore-inspired pieces, including those that are rustic or antique, as well as those that offer a touch of modern elegance. Find a Lighting One member location near you today to find the perfect lighting and decor pieces for your cottagecore designed space!