As a local lighting store, you strive to provide your customers with the products they want. A homeowner may come in looking for a certain living room light fixture, and while talking to them, you discover that they’re also shopping for new home decor. You may have some home accents and accessories, but your selection may pale in comparison to your competitor across town. At Lighting One, we want all of our affiliated stores to have the products they need, whether it’s lamps, accent tables, or anything else.

Decor for Every Room

When people are updating the lighting in a certain room, they may also be thinking about how they can redecorate and rearrange the space. They may be tired of their old decor and want to display something more modern in their house. By having decor options for every room, your store can provide them with choices, instead of limiting their selection and perhaps keeping them from purchasing products from you.

Include Decor in Your Showroom Displays

If you have the space, it can be a good idea to include home decor into your showroom displays. If you’ve staged an entire bedroom in your store, make sure the subtle accents such as bookends and wall mirrors are integrated into the design. This can give customers a glimpse into what a certain piece of decor or furniture can look like in their home, and you may even give them inspiration to rethink their new layout! Instead of only having multiple light fixtures arranged in a certain part of the store, think about creating an entire room that completely portrays a customer’s design possibilities.

Thinking Outside the Box

You’ve most likely had those customers who come in with wild design ideas and lighting needs. They may be searching for a specific fixture, or they want something they’ve never seen before. By thinking outside the box, you can supply them with a side table, a chair, or a lamp that completes the design of a certain room. Thinking about how form and function are combined can help you understand what the customer thinks about a piece of decor, and how it will look and feel in their home. This can mean ignoring specific decor styles or design themes, and a unique idea could be what persuades the client to buy from you.

If your store’s selection of home decor could be improved, contact Lighting One today. As a co-op member, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of greater product selection, reduced shipping rates, and more.

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