As the owner of a lighting store, you meet with customers of all kinds, and each person has a different budget for their project. One customer might only be looking for a single kitchen light fixture, while another needs new lights for their entire house. You want to give the same attention to each person who visits your store, and having options for every budget will allow you to cater to every need. At Lighting One, we can help you find a range of products with varying price points, giving you the capacity to serve every customer.

Different Options for Every Room

A customer may absolutely love a dining room chandelier that you have in your showroom, but the price point may be a bit out of their budget. By having different options, you can show them a fixture that’s similar but perhaps a bit smaller and less expensive. They’ll still leave satisfied with their lighting choice and you will still have made a sale.

If a client has a set budget for a complete home lighting redesign, it can feel like you have no leeway in choosing their fixtures for them. You may also be working with a contractor or interior designer, and they want to deliver exactly what their client wants. By combining a few different packages at different price points, you could possibly persuade the client or their contractor to go with a higher-quality option. They may pay a little more, but they will end up with a cohesive lighting design that looks perfect in their new home.

Clearance Options

New lighting styles are released every year, and that means the older designs are put on the clearance shelf. Customers may come in specifically for a discontinued style or to look at your clearance products, and even though there are a limited number of options, the customer could find exactly what he or she wants. Marking down last year’s fixtures can be a great way to get people in the door.

Sale Items

We don’t have to tell you that sales attract customers, but it still takes some strategy to plan your sales events for the highest turnout. Many people will wait for a lighting sale before they buy new lights, and having one right before summer could entice people to renovate their home sooner rather than later. You may have quarterly sales, or perhaps you host one blowout event every year, but with the right planning, you can increase your profits while helping people find the perfect lighting. As a Lighting One co-op member, you can reduce your overhead costs, which also helps your store become more profitable.

Every person who visits your store will have a budget in mind and may be adamant about how much they want to spend. Your sales staff can talk to them about different options, but if your store is low on inventory or you can’t provide a diverse selection, the customer may walk out and visit a different store that can meet their needs. There’s always the possibility of closing a sale, but if you want to increase your opportunities, contact Lighting One today to learn more about our co-op membership.

We’ll gladly explain the benefits of our program and show you how you can work with showrooms all across the country to expand your product selection and your community impact. Our cooperative is designed so that you retain independent status as a business owner, but reap the benefits of a national brand. Every person who shops in your store will find exactly what they need.

We look forward to speaking with you!

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