Adding a new home theater area can create a space where your family can gather to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. It can be a comfortable spot where you unwind at the end of a long day, or where you and your spouse spend a romantic evening watching a new film you both want to see. However, if the lighting in your home theater isn’t quite right, it can detract from the enjoyment of the space and make you less likely to use the room on a regular basis. At Lighting One, we love hearing stories about how people discovered the perfect lighting at one of our affiliated stores, and in this blog, we’ll look at some tips for lighting your entertainment area.

Bias Lighting

With the advent of flat screen TVs, homeowner began to discover the wonders of bias lighting. Simply put, bias lighting is lighting that’s placed behind the TV to increase the ambient illumination around the screen and reduce eye strain. The darker colors on the screen, such as gray and black, will appear richer and “pop” a bit more because of the light behind the screen. This can improve the contrast that the human eye sees without ever having to adjust the settings on your TV!

Wall Lighting

If you’re going all out on your home theater, you probably have wall lights or sconces from a certain era of cinema, such as classic Hollywood. You may also have framed posters featuring your favorite films, but it’s important to keep in mind that the glass or plastic of the frames will reflect the light from your wall fixtures. This can detract from the ambiance you want for your theater area, and impact the picture quality when you’re watching something. You’ll also want to put your wall sconces on dimmer switches so you can raise and lower the levels for optimal viewing.

Dimmer Controls

Speaking of dimmers, they can also be beneficial for your overhead lighting in your home theater and any accent lighting you have around the room. You may decide that a ceiling fixture isn’t necessary, but if you’re adding accent fixtures or want to be able to raise and lower your bias lighting, it’s important to have the right dimmer switches. Your local lighting store should be able to help you find the best options, especially if they are a Lighting One affiliated showroom.

A home theater can be the perfect addition to any house, and as with any local cinema, lighting plays a key role. If even one aspect of your lighting is off, it can greatly impact how the room looks and feels, and you may not be able to focus on what you’re watching or see the picture as clearly. At Lighting One, we want all of our customers to find the best lighting solutions at the best prices, and if you’re looking for a store near you that carries the greatest selection, use our Showroom Locator to quickly and easily find the closest location.

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