As the owner of a lighting store, you want to make sure you have exactly what the customer wants the first time they visit. If something is out of stock, or you’re not sure where it’s located in the stockroom, they could take their business elsewhere. At Lighting One, we want to supply our co-op members with a steady stream of quality light fixtures to ensure that they always have inventory on hand for interested customers. Missing out on a sale because you don’t have the right item can ruin anyone’s day!

Seasonal Items

Many homeowners remodel and redesign their homes during the summer, since the weather usually doesn’t interrupt demolition and construction. A person may be working on renovating the outside of their home, and if they’re interested in new exterior lighting, they may come to your store looking for porch lights, post lights, and more. If you’ve noticed an upwards trend of outdoor lighting purchases during the summer, it’s imperative to have items in stock when people come searching for them. You may set up a display in your showroom that presents all of your outdoor lighting options, and providing a great variety will give the customer options for their home.

A Variety of Options

Speaking of variety, it doesn’t only apply to seasonal lighting options. Through our suppliers and manufacturers, you can have a variety of chandeliers, pendant lights, sconces, and more in stock on a regular basis. This gives you the opportunity to present your customers with choices, and perhaps even make a recommendation when they’re not exactly sure what they want. If you have certain fixtures that sell better than others, such as bathroom or kitchen lights, you may want to increase your order quantity for those products. Other products, such as wall lamps or sconces, may not sell quite as fast, but that’s okay. You’ll still have them in stock when that one customer comes looking for them!

Rotating Stock

This can tie in with seasonal items, but rotating your stock on a regular basis can help keep things new and fresh in your lighting store. When new light models and technologies come out, you’ll want to show the best and brightest in your showroom. Older models can be discounted or discontinued, and chances are you’ll find a customer who’s okay with purchasing a light that was made three years ago. Your goal is to connect the customer with the best lighting options for their home or business.

If you’re always searching high and low for a specific fixture that a customer has requested, or you can’t keep up with seasonal demand, contact Lighting One today. We’ll gladly explain how our co-op program works and how it can benefit your store. Instead of worrying about running out of a certain style or size of fixture, you can focus on helping the customers find the perfect lighting options. They’ll recognize your commitment to quality and come back again and again for all their lighting needs!

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