As a local lighting store, you want to help every customer find the perfect lighting for every area of their home. Someone may come in looking for new kitchen lighting, while another is shopping for new bedroom lamps. If you’re located in a part of the country that has pleasant or at least decent weather year-round, you may have a lot of customers come in searching for new outdoor lighting. They want to upgrade their backyard deck or patio, or they may be adding an in-ground pool and need pathway and pool lighting. Whatever the case may be, having the right outdoor lights in stock can be the difference between making a sale and the customer going elsewhere. As a Lighting One showroom, you can access the finest outdoor lighting options in the industry.

Landscape Lighting and Design

Since your customers spend quite a bit of time outside, they may come to your store looking for new landscape lighting and design options. While you can’t help them with their grass and shrubbery options, you can help them find light fixtures that accent and highlight their landscaping. They may be putting in new trees and bushes, and exterior lights that illuminate topiaries can create the perfect ambiance after the sun goes down. A customer may also want to highlight certain architectural features of new home, and well-placed spotlights can accomplish that goal.

Security Lighting

Another reason people seek out new outdoor lights is for safety and security. Perhaps they live out in the country and need motion sensor lights to let them know when someone or something approaches the house, or they live on a busy city street and they want to protect their home from trespassers. Whatever the reason, proper exterior lighting can go a long way in protecting a home. Sensors and timers allow the homeowner to control their outdoor lights, and they’ll feel safer when they’re home and when they’re away.

Finding Your Niche

Your lighting store is filled with fixtures of all kinds, and you love helping customers discover the perfect lights for their home or business. If you’re trying to find your niche in the community and you know that people love to spend time outdoors, either in the backyard, in the garden, or in the pool, put a stronger emphasis on your exterior lighting selection and see what the results are. If you need access to new products or you want to know which manufacturers make the best outdoor lights, contact Lighting One today.

We can provide you with more information on our lighting co-op program and what it can mean for your local store. On top of reduced freight policies and exclusive product offerings, you’ll receive outstanding marketing support and training programs that will give your staff the tools they need to succeed. We want to see your showroom thrive, and when people come in looking for new patio or deck lights, you’ll be able to connect them with ideal fixtures at affordable prices.

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