Homeowners who visit your lighting store will have all kinds of questions, and having a well-stocked inventory and knowledgeable staff can help you provide the answers they require. For those who come in asking about bathroom lighting, there are several places they can start. Do they need new vanity lighting for a house they’re building, or are they remodeling their shower and tub area and need new recessed lighting? Finding the ideal bathroom light fixtures doesn’t have to be difficult, and as their local lighting source, you can set them on the right path.

Ambient Lighting

The ambient, or general, lighting in a bathroom usually comes from an overhead fixture. This light should provide enough illumination for a person to see by should they only be coming into the bathroom to get something or quickly use the facilities. If a customer’s bathroom is large enough for two ceiling fixtures, it could be worth it to recommend adding another light to provide adequate illumination.

Vanity Lighting

Vanity fixtures can also provide ambient lighting, but are sometimes too bright for general purposes. They’re best when used for task lighting above and around the sink area, where people stand to shave, put on makeup, or brush their teeth. Vanity lights are most beneficial because of how they provide light in front of a person’s head, instead of behind or above, which can lead to unwanted shadows and lines on their face. New vanity lights can greatly enhance the look and feel of a bathroom, and make it more functional.

Shower and Tub Lighting

If a homeowner is adding or remodeling their shower and tub area, one of their main priorities may be to add new lighting. Perhaps their old shower stall was too dark, or they were unable to dim the lights when they were taking a bath. New recessed fixtures and dimmer switches will give them the control they want, and they’ll be able to set their bathroom lighting by zone, such as having the tub lights on while they vanity lights are off. If the shower and tub are separated by a wall, it’s important to have dedicated fixtures for each space.

The Water Closet

Another feature some homeowners will add to their new bathroom is a water closet. This can simply be a design feature or a desire for privacy, but separating the toilet from the rest of the bathroom is a popular aspect of many modern homes. A recessed fixture or a light combined with an exhaust fan is often an ideal choice for a water closet.

If there are several new homes being built in your community, or you’ve had several customers come in asking about bathroom lighting, be sure you’re ready to meet their needs and answer their questions. As a Lighting One showroom, you can access products from the finest manufacturers and reduce your shipping costs on new bathroom fixtures. Your customers will love your selection and you’ll love the fact that you provided exactly what they needed!

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