When thinking about any room in a house, it’s important to consider all three types of lighting – ambient (general), task, and accent. Only by combining all three can a homeowner hope to have a dramatic and appealing space in which they feel comfortable spending time. When it comes to kitchen lighting, finding the perfect design and layout can be a challenge, but with a bit of time and effort, your kitchen can achieve that optimal level of function and aesthetic. At Lighting One, we want to give all of our showrooms the ability to supply customers with the ideal kitchen lighting!

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting refers to the general illumination of a space, and in the kitchen, this is often done with one central fixture or several recessed fixtures. This is the light that comes on when you flip a single switch and provides enough illumination for you to navigate safely through the space, perhaps to get something out of the fridge or put groceries away. If all you have is one central fixture, adding a few recessed cans can greatly improve the ambient lighting in your kitchen.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is of course for certain tasks, and in the kitchen, these often means prepping, cooking, and cleaning. Areas such as the sink, counter, and island need appropriate task lighting. For the sink, one single hanging fixture or a focused recessed light can make washing and cleaning much easier, and pendant lighting over the island makes it the perfect spot for homework. Your counters can benefit from under-cabinet lights, and being able to control each area separately will give you the most versatility.

Accent Lighting

This is where kitchen lighting can truly shine! The right accent lights should highlight any design or architectural features of the space, such as decor displayed above the cabinets or a breakfast nook with a comfy wraparound bench for seating. Pendants can also fall in this category, and when you only have the accent lighting on, your kitchen should display a warm and inviting glow.

Families spend a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking, eating, and enjoying each other’s company. It’s where old friends sit and catch up over a cup of coffee, and where people prepare delicious meals for special occasions. If the lighting isn’t perfect, the space can feel dingy or uninviting, and the kitchen won’t serve its intended purpose as the heart of the home. As a Lighting One store, you can help homeowners find the ideal lighting solutions at prices that fit their budget, and perhaps even provide inspiration for a new kitchen design they hadn’t thought of previously.

If you’d like to know more about our co-op program, or you simply have questions about kitchen lighting, please contact us right away. We can provide answers and direct you to our nearest affiliated showroom to find fixtures and decor for your new kitchen. You’ll be able to update each area of your kitchen and create the space you’ve always wanted!

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