As a local light store, your mission is to connect customers with the perfect lighting options. You want to be able to offer the most contemporary options, so that when a customer comes in looking for an update for their bathroom, kitchen, or living room lighting, it doesn’t take an hour to settle on a fixture. If your current inventory is looking a bit dated, Lighting One is here to help. As a co-op member, you’ll have access to an outstanding selection of new lighting fixtures, and you’ll be able to offer your customers exactly what they want.

Modern Styles

The first thing that most customers look at when shopping for lights is the fixture’s design. They want a style that fits their home and their personality, and if all you have are fixtures that look like they were manufactured 10 years ago, you could have a customer walk out the door instead of up to the register. Lighting styles are always changing, and it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest designs. Our co-op program can give you inside access to the latest trends and ideas that manufacturers are coming up with, and get those new fixtures in your store at no time at all.

Modern Technology

The other aspect that many customers will be looking for is new lighting technology. Either they’re building a new home and want the most energy-efficient fixtures and bulbs, or they’re tired of paying more for electricity each and every month, and want to upgrade their current lights. Regardless of the situation, being able to offer them the latest lighting technology will provide them with the satisfaction and peace of mind that they seek. Products such as LED bulbs, smart sensors, and digital timers will give them greater control over how much energy their lights are using, as well as when that energy is being used.

Focusing on One Room

Some customers will come into your store seeking new lighting for a certain room in their house. Perhaps they’ve updated the other parts of the house over the past few years, and now they want to focus on the bathroom, the bedroom, or even the dining room. They’ve been living with outdated and inefficient fixtures in that particular room for long enough, and now they want new lights. They may want to update the vanity lights in their bathroom or a new flush mount light for their bedroom, but regardless of the room, their focus is on that room alone. With a showroom display full of contemporary lighting options, you can help them fulfill their mission to enjoy better and more affordable home lighting.

If you’d like to learn more about our lighting co-op program and the benefits it can bring your light store, please contact us right away. We know that you want to offer every customer the very best when it comes to lighting, and we can help you reach that next level of customer service. Everyone in your city will know that your store is the go-to spot for modern fixtures and exceptional lighting and design advice.

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