At Lighting One, we love meeting new showroom owners and hearing how they’ve impacted their local community. They may have been in business for one year or ten, but no matter how long their doors have been open, they know how important it is to have what the customer needs at a price he or she can afford. Through our lighting co-op, we’ve met lighting store owners all across the country, and we have affiliated showrooms in multiple states across the nation. As a national brand, we strive to provide the support a local store needs to impact their community in greater ways.

Improved Product Selection

One challenge many local showrooms face is limited product selection. They want to offer their customers contemporary lighting options, but finding the right supplier and securing the best shipping rates can be difficult. In order to get the products they need, they have to pay a bit more, and those increased costs can greatly impact their profit margin. As a co-op member, a showroom can have access to an improved product selection and reduced freight policies that fill their shelves with amazing lighting.

Internal Processes

Another challenge that a small local lighting store may face is hiring and payroll processing. Finding the right employees to work at your store shouldn’t be hard, but in the lighting industry, it can be beneficial to find those who understand style, technology, and more. Lighting One can connect you with experienced applicants who can improve the appeal of your store and provide outstanding customer service. For day-to-day operations such as payroll processing and credit card transactions, we can help you reduce those costs by providing leveraged rates. The same goes for office supplies, marketing, and those other things that shouldn’t be line items that break your budget.

Connecting with Other Showrooms

As a national brand, Lighting One can help you connect with other showrooms in your state, or in other states. You can collaborate with these other businesses to update the design of your showroom, improve your product selection, and learn how to better reach potential customers. We can provide you with industry training and benchmarking standards to boost your store’s impact and optimize how you do business. You may see how one showroom is doing things and decide to try that for your store, and you will hopefully see improved foot traffic and increased sales!

Lighting One exists to bring showrooms the very best in supplier rates, product selection, and customer service. We want to see every lighting store succeed, and by working with people all across the country, we can see what works where and advise our co-op members on what they can perhaps change or focus on for their showroom. You will be able to retain your independence as a store owner, all while gaining the insight and experience that comes from surrounding yourself with innovative retailers in the lighting industry.

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