Lighting styles come and go, but there are some that stand the test of time. When you think of “retro” lighting, you might think of the fixtures that your grandparents had in their home that was built in the 1950s or 60s. You may have also recently moved into a house that has lights from the 60s, and while you want to replace them with modern fixtures, you also want to maintain the original retro character of the house.

At Lighting One, we know that everyone has different tastes when it comes to style, and if you’re interested in retro lighting for your home or business, then our affiliated showrooms can provide you with everything you need. These blasts from the past can be the perfect choice for bedrooms, kitchens, and more, and can also work well within commercial spaces!

Retro Lighting for Homes

If you’re updating your home with new lights, you may not want something that looks ultra-modern or aligns with the new minimalist movement. Retro-looking fixtures from brands such as Varaluz can provide great options for living rooms, home offices, and more. Their Area 51 collection has lights that feature symmetrical curves and geometric shapes, as well as tear-shaped “pods” that look like they come from another planet.

With chandeliers and pendants, you can update any space with retro fixtures. Depending on the size of room you’re lighting, you can choose one or several fixtures that fit your style preference and provide the illumination you need.

Area 51 Chandelier from Varaluz

Retro Lighting for Businesses

Lighting a business requires a different approach than a house, simply because you’re likely going to have larger spaces to illuminate. This means you’ll need multiple fixtures for each space, and you want these fixtures to be consistent in terms of style. If you’re interested in adding retro vibes to your business, then large, moon-shaped pendants, lamps, and more can be the perfect choice.

The Argyle and Orbital collections from Varaluz can be great for businesses, and when you put several fixtures in a space such as a lobby or conference room, you can truly achieve that retro look that you want. The designs of these lights can also help them function as center pieces and focal points of each space. Whether you’re an architectural firm or an attorney, retro fixtures can create the ambience that you want your commercial location to have.

Argyle Pendant Light from Varaluz

Choosing Your Retro Lights

As with any lighting choices, it’s important to have an idea of what fixtures you need and how many of them you require. You’ve already decided that you want something retro, and the team at your local Lighting One affiliated showroom can help you choose the best options based on your space requirements, your budget, and other factors.

Retro lighting styles have stood the test of time simply because they continue to appeal to people. While they’re not for everyone, if retro lights are something you enjoy, then why not add them to your home or business? At Lighting One, we’re always excited when someone discovers the perfect lighting for a space they want to improve.

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