You have all types of fixtures in your lighting showroom, but what is the one fixture that customers come in looking for more than any other? Patio lights? Bedroom lamps? Chandeliers? Depending on where you’re located and what the housing industry in your town or city is doing, the answer to that question will vary. However, chandeliers are often the most popular fixture for many homeowners, especially those who are building a new a house. They want a statement piece for their entryway, their dining room, or perhaps their living room, and a chandelier can provide the elegance and illumination they need. At Lighting One, we can help co-op members gain access to new and innovative chandelier fixtures!

Entryway Chandeliers

The foyer or entryway of a home has gotten more attention over the past few years, as people are expanding and focusing on it more during the initial home design phase. More new houses have larger entryways, and therefore they need more light. If the foyer extends to the second floor, a large, elaborate chandelier can be the perfect fixture for the space. If you’ve noticed a greater demand for front entryway lighting, it can be a good idea to expand your selection of chandeliers.

Dining Room Chandeliers

The dining room is perhaps the one space where the chandelier earned its place in home lighting. No matter how large a dining room is, the right chandelier can provide the class and sophistication the homeowner wants the space to have. Carrying a range of fixtures from large to small allows you to provide customers with a variety of options, ultimately helping them settle on the best choice. A customer may be updating their dining room or building a new house, and a chandelier can make the design statement they want.

Living Room Chandeliers

The living room often goes by many names these days – living room, great room, family room – but what hasn’t changed is the need for appropriate and adequate lighting. Perhaps the customer has poured the majority of their square footage into the living areas, and a modern chandelier may be the perfect fixture for the space. If they’ve included high or vaulted ceilings in their design, a chandelier can act as the focal point for the entire room. They may be looking for a traditional option complete with ornate decoration, or they may want a contemporary fixture with straight lines, but as long as you have a varied inventory, you can help them find what they want.

If you’ve had several customers come to your showroom and ask about chandeliers, make sure you have the fixtures in stock to assist every need. As a Lighting One co-op member, you can enjoy benefits such as exclusive supplier benefits, reduced freight policies, and many more.

To learn more about our membership program, please contact us today. We want you to retain your independence as a local lighting store, but enjoy the advantages of cooperating with suppliers and stores across the country.

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