If you own a lighting showroom, you want to display the best and “brightest” for your customers. You may have a section dedicated to each brand you carry, and this can make it easy for a customer to find exactly what they’re looking, provided they have a particular brand in mind. They may have used a certain brand throughout their entire house, and if they like the style of a particular fixture from that brand, they’re often more likely to stick with it when they need new lights. However, one question that often arises is what to do when you have a new lighting brand that you want to display? At Lighting One, we want to help all of our showrooms showcase the very best.

A Prominent Spot

A certain lighting brand may be a better seller for you than others. For example, if you’re located in a place where many people live in a rural setting or have cabins as second homes, you may sell a lot of rustic or Western-themed lighting. Brands like these most likely have a prominent spot in your showroom, and you want them to be the first thing people see when they walk into your store. When adding a new brand to your showroom, it can be beneficial to place it prominently as well to let customers know that you are expanding your selection. You don’t have to displace your best-selling brand, but carving out some real estate for your new brand’s fixtures and accessories can show your willingness to cater to all kinds of customers.

Sales and Promotions

One way to successfully debut a new brand is to have a sale or promotional event surrounding it. Displaying it in a prominent spot can be appealing to customers, but offering a certain percentage off a purchase or a discount on installation services can make the brand even more enticing. People always like to see what’s new, and if they can get lighting for a more affordable price, they may be more willing to think outside their normal range of style and preference. Marketing will of course play an integral part in your sale or promotion, and our support team can help you devise the best advertising strategy for your store’s event.

Have Your Staff Study Up

With any new brand of lighting, there are often new features and technologies that your staff will need to know about so they can answer questions. Most manufacturers will supply info and literature with each shipment, but if you need more details so that your team can be up-to-date on every fixture, Lighting One can help. We’ll help make sure every employee knows what bulbs are best for each fixture, and that he or she can help every customer choose the best lighting for their home or business.

If you’re looking to add new brands to your lighting showroom, or you want to know more about our cooperative program, please contact us right away. We’d love to speak with you about the benefits you can enjoy as a co-op member, and the amazing brands you can offer your customers.

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