If you’re a business-minded person, you’ve probably noticed of the types of businesses your city is saturated with, as well as those of which there don’t seem to be any. There might be plenty of restaurants, insurance agencies, and real estate offices, but what about lighting showrooms? If citizens have to drive an hour or more to find a quality light fixture, why not change that by opening a store of your own? At Lighting One, we can provide you with the support, education, and inventory you need to get started. Opening a showroom could be the perfect thing for your community!

Creating a Business Model

As an entrepreneur, you’ve most likely looked at various business models and perhaps even majored in business in college. You know that in order to be successful, your company needs a solid plan, and our co-op program offers an alternative to franchising or starting your own business from scratch. Our lighting cooperative allows you to own and operate your own store while still having access to outstanding products and quality suppliers. You’re not out there on an island, trying to make it on your own. You have the support of one of the largest lighting retailers in the country.

Keeping Things Local

One of the main reasons you want to open a showroom is to impact your local economy. The money that customers spend in your store stays in the community, instead of being sent to a franchisor or parent company. You’ll be able to hire local citizens who are looking for a job, and who want to learn more about the lighting industry. You’re a locally owned business with the support of a national co-op, which means you can provide quality lighting and home decor products at affordable prices. You’ll also help people save money by making it easy to find what they need locally, instead of having to drive to a bigger city to visit a bigger lighting store.

Boosting the Housing Market

If people are beginning to move to your city because of its schools, cost of living, or other factors, you can make an impact on the housing market by opening a lighting showroom. General contractors and interior designers who are working on new homes will be able to find the fixtures and decor they need, and you can build a reputation for being a reliable source that’s only a few blocks away. As new houses and businesses are being built, you’ll be able to take pride in the fact that your lighting and design products are being used.

If you’ve noticed that your city is in need of a local lighting showroom, contact us today to learn more about our co-op program. We want to make it easy for you to start a new business and to have an immediate impact on your community. As you invest in your new company, you’ll also be investing in the people and businesses around you, making your city stronger and more sustainable.

We look forward to speaking with you!

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