As a local business, you want to give back to your community however you can. You have loyal customers who recommend your showroom to their friends and neighbors, and the money they spend goes back into the local economy. As people move into town and build new homes, they need lighting and decor, and you can establish yourself as the go-to spot for all their design and fixture needs. At Lighting One, we want to empower our affiliated showrooms to make an impact in their community, no matter if it’s personal, economic, or charitable. If you’re interested in learning more about our lighting co-op program, contact us today!

The Economic Impact

The economy can be a rollercoaster, and there are so many factors that influence it at any given time. As a local lighting showroom, you can only control the business your store does and how you serve your local economy. You want to provide steady jobs for your employees, and you want to provide quality lighting solutions for every customer who visits your store. People who are remodeling or building homes in your community are also the people who are working and starting businesses in your town or city. By supplying them with quality fixtures and home decor options, they can finish their dream home or complete their renovations and establish roots in the community. The economic impact you can have is nearly unfathomable.

The Personal Impact

People who are shopping for lighting want to see a friendly face when they walk into a showroom. They want to get to know their local lighting expert, and say hello when they see them outside of your store. Building relationships with customers is key to success, and with our membership benefits, you can learn how to engage with customers on both a personal and professional level. A person will see your ads in the local paper or online, and remember that they received quality customer service the last time they were in your showroom. Adding that personal touch can be the key to building a lasting relationship with a customer.

The Charitable Impact

Every town or city has people in need, and as a successful business, you can be in a place where you can donate to local charities and help those who need assistance. Whether it’s a local housing shelter or food pantry, giving back to your community is an integral part of any business. You connect people with quality lighting solutions, but you also take the time to invest in the health and happiness of the people around you. As you experience more success, you can share through charitable causes and outreach events, many of which you may be able to host right in your showroom!

As a Lighting One co-op member, you’ll enjoy many benefits that can take your showroom to the next level. With a diverse range of suppliers, unmatched networking opportunities, and industry benchmarking, you can make a lasting impact not only on the lighting industry, but on your local community as well.

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