At Lighting One, we love the month of February. The beginning of the year is now behind us, and the month of February, although short, is filled with possibilities. It’s also a month that reminds us of who and what we love. When it comes to your lighting, there might be some fixtures that you love, while others you’re not so fond of. We, of course, want you to love all of your lights, and that’s why our member lighting showrooms offer a fantastic selection from the nation’s leading brands!

What Do You Love?

You might have a specific style of lighting, such as Art Deco or Industrial, that you absolutely love. You want to fill your home with these fixtures, but you’re not sure where to start. With options from brands such as Quoizel and Hinkley, you can find the right fixtures for every area of your home. If you’re redecorating your bedroom, or you want new lights for the living room, then you can find everything you need.

Perhaps you saw a light fixture in a catalog or on a home remodeling show that you fell in love with. If you have a reference, then your local showroom can help you find lighting that you can add to your home and love for many years to come. Your design vision will become a reality, and anyone who visits your home will hopefully love the upgrades that you’ve made.

Lighting Brands to Love

At your local lighting showroom, you can discover all types of fixture options from all types of brands. Three of the leading brands on the market today are Quoizel, Hinkley, and Kichler. Each one has unique styles that can fit a variety of tastes, and we know that you’ll discover fixtures that you’ll love adding to your new lighting design.

Each lighting brand has something to offer your home, no matter which rooms you’re updating at the moment. If you have fixtures that you’re not crazy about, then why not find new options that you’ll love using for years to come?

What Don’t You Love?

If you have light fixtures that you don’t love, such as outdated lamps or ceiling fixtures, then perhaps it’s time for an upgrade. At a Lighting One showroom, you can find options that breathe new life into your home, and save it from feeling outdated. By choosing new lights, you can create a comprehensive lighting design for your home, instead of having a hodgepodge of fixtures that nobody in the house loves.

Updating your lighting can also make your home more comfortable and inviting, making it easy for anyone to love spending time there. When your outdoor lighting makes your property safer and more secure, and the entryway lighting welcomes people to your home, it’s simple to see why people like visiting and why you enjoy coming home every evening. If there are aspects of your outdoor and indoor lighting that you don’t love, then change them!

Find Lighting You Love

You might not think that lighting is something that you can love, but when it creates the perfect ambiance for every room in your home, you can begin to understand the important role that it plays in your life. If you’re ready to find lighting that you love, then visit your local Lighting One showroom today.

We have locations all across North America, and each one is stocked with the selection that you need to update your lighting. You’ll also receive exceptional customer service from the moment you call or visit, since the goal is to make sure you have a shopping experience that you also love.

Find your new lighting today!

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