When you own a lighting showroom, you work with everyone from homeowners to contractors to commercial businesses. You want to be able to offer them the very best lighting options, but they may have a specific style or design in mind, and can seem very hard to please. When working with contractors, builders, and interior designers, it’s important to offer them the very best in modern lighting design, as they are representing a client and want to take back the highest quality options. At Lighting One, we work hard to equip our co-op showrooms with the best contemporary lighting options so that no matter who they work with, the showroom owner can present amazing fixtures every time.

Incorporating Modern Technology

Many people who are building homes today hire a contractor who can incorporate modern technology through the entire house. This stems from the lights to the outlets to the HVAC systems, and having everything connected can make life much easier for the homeowner. When it comes to lighting, contractors are often looking for modern fixtures that can be easily integrated into a “smart” home, and that fit the style preferences of the homeowner. The same is true for fixture efficiency, and LED options are very popular nowadays, especially since they’ve been incorporated into fixtures that don’t look ultra futuristic. The homeowner has budgeted to build their house, and they don’t want to have to pay a fortune to light it for the next ten years.

A Comprehensive Approach

When a builder or contractor visits your showroom, they’re looking to complete the lighting design for the entire house. If you specialize in kitchen and bath fixtures, they may find what they need for those rooms, but go elsewhere for the living room and bedroom lighting. By offering a comprehensive lighting solution for every room, you can help the contractor come up with a complete design for the house. As a Lighting One showroom, you’ll have access to the top suppliers and manufacturers in the country and will be able to offer the best fixtures for every construction project.

Regardless of how long you’ve been in business and who regularly shops in your store, chances are you’re going to work with a contractor at some point in time. By establishing a good relationship with a few builders, you can increase your chances of attracting more builders when they’re working on new development projects in your community. Every contractor will know that you have the best selection and the most up-to-date fixtures available, making it easy for them to find exactly what they need for the house they’re building.

If you have questions about our lighting co-op program, or you’d like to learn more about our modern lighting options, please contact us today. We’d love to speak with you about how you can join the Lighting One family, and how you can improve your showroom to be the very best in your community. You can send us a message online and a member of our team will respond as soon as possible.

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