With more than 300 affiliated showrooms and retail locations across North America, Lighting One understands the importance of shopping locally for new lighting and home decor. Every one of our co-op members has a unique vision of what they want their store to be, and they have the freedom to create the business they want, while receiving our support with access to products from the world’s leading lighting manufacturers and the buying power of the larger home centers and retail chains.

Helping a Local Business Thrive

When a local lighting store opens, it often has to compete with those big box stores on the other side of town. That can be difficult to do with the vast selection a big box retailer can have, as well as the pricing a chain store can usually offer. Some local stores may change their business model in order to compete with those bigger stores, but that can come at the cost of the store’s unique identity and vision. Our goal is to help local businesses thrive by giving them the advantages of a large retailer without having to sacrifice their ideas on what they want the store to be.


Supporting the Local Economy

Every lighting showroom in our network is a local business. This means that they’re owned by people who live in the community, and the employees are your friends, relatives, and neighbors. When you shop at the showroom, you’re supporting the local economy by spending money that stays in the community, instead of a part of it going to a large corporation. You’re also able to speak with a lighting designer or expert who understands the products you’re interested in, and who can answer your questions.

Shopping Online

One advantage that bigger stores used to have over local businesses was the ability to sell products online. People love the convenience of being able to shop online for new light fixtures, bulbs, decor, and more. At Lighting One, we’re working with our showrooms to establish online catalogs, and many of them already have catalogs that you can browse for new items from the comfort of your own home. You can now shop online at a local business and have products shipped to you much faster than they would come from a big online retailer. With certain showrooms, it’s possible to shop online and pick up your new lighting from the store the very same day!

Find a Showroom Today

With so many locations in North America, there’s likely a showroom that’s close to your home. If you want the dedicated service, selection, and value of shopping with a local business, visit one of our affiliated showrooms today. You’ll find products from leading lighting manufacturers, as well as a highly trained staff who can help you choose new options for your home or business. Above all, you’ll come away knowing that you’ve helped a local business continue to grow and to serve the community.

Shop with your local lighting showroom now!