If you own and operate a local lighting showroom, chances are a good number of your customers are general contractors or interior designers. Depending on where you live, you could be seeing a boom in new houses being built, as well as new commercial construction. Every home and office building that goes up needs lighting and interior design, and what better place to find those things than at a local lighting store? At Lighting One, we love helping our co-op members build lasting relationships with contractors and designers, and in this blog, we’ll cover some tips on how to do just that.

General Contractors

For many general contractors, they have several projects going at once, and having a place where they can find everything they need for ambient, accent, and task lighting will make their lives much easier. Their customer, the homeowner, may want something very specific for their kitchen or living room, and being able to find the exact fixtures or provide the homeowner with an array of choices can make the process much easier. The contractor wants to finish each project on time or as close to on time as possible, and by having a lighting source they can trust, they can check one more thing off their list for each house or commercial building.

Interior Designers and Decorators

Many new homeowners don’t have time to design and decorate their house, so they hire an interior designer to handle the logistics of picking out styles and themes. One of the best things a lighting showroom can do when working with an interior designer is have a wide selection of options. The designer’s job is to bring something viable back to the homeowner for review, and the more they have to look at, the better the chances are that they’ll see something they know their client will like. A good selection also means that if the homeowners change their mind, the designer has a second option to fall back on, and they know you have what they need in your showroom. While you may worry about overwhelming a designer that’s looking at multiple fixture styles or lampshades, keep in mind that they have ideas from the homeowners and may see something in a certain fixture that you don’t. If they request something that you don’t currently have in the store, you can take advantage of Lighting One’s outstanding network of suppliers and have something sent to your showroom in little to no time at all.

As the local source of lighting and decor for contractors and designers in your area, you can build a reputation of being a respected showroom that goes above and beyond for its clients. Instead of searching at multiple stores, a general contractor or interior designer can come to your store and speak with an expert who knows what they need and how to acquire the best options for every project.

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