As we look forward to warmer days, it’s the perfect time to start brainstorming about your outdoor space. You don’t need to have acres of land to create a getaway just outside your door. From balconies to rolling hills, all you need for a cozy escape is a few simple things.

1. A Clean Sweep

Once you pick a space, remove the clutter! It will be much easier to relax once you clear out the leaves, spider webs, and maybe some potted plants that have seen better days.

2. Comfortable Seating

Depending on your space and whether the space is just for you or for all your friends too, you could choose anything from a patio table to a swinging bench to a folding chair.

3. Delightful Decorations

Choose a small end table for your cups and books; an herb garden you can tend; or a clever sign with a porch pun—whatever makes your space feel like your own.

4. Perfect Lighting

Cafe lights work in any size space and fit any vibe, from natural to cozy to classic.
For bigger spaces, try post lights or ask a showroom expert what’s best for you.

5. Your Favorite People

All that’s left is to add the people who will make it perfect. Kick back with your
favorite characters, invite some neighbors, or video chat with the family to pull it all together.

Feeling inspired to transform your outdoor space?

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