If you love the essence of the great outdoors with the comfort of your living room, the rising trend of indoor/outdoor rooms is right up your alley. From garages transformed into chic gathering spaces to indoor patios with convertible exterior walls, there’s a solution for every budget, making creating your own indoor/outdoor space a perfect warm weather project. Creating a dining area, a gathering space, or a game room can be as simple or involved as you can dream up.

Consider Your Climate

Imari Fan by Kichler

If you’re in a particularly seasonal or buggy area, start indoors and work your way out with convertible walls but sturdy ceilings. But if your default weather is a balmy 65 all year long, you can begin with an outdoor space and mimic the coziness of the indoors by adding a pergola structure, hanging sheer curtains, and accent pieces like light blankets and throw pillows.

Integrate the Nature

Take advantage of the outdoors by making this a space full of light colors and linens, vibrant greenery, and fresh decor—like a bowl of fruit or a cozy rug. It’s also a great space for hybrid seating options, like outdoor sofas, swinging benches, or even hammocks. And if you can dream even bigger, fireplaces are a perfect touch!

Lights for Every Occasion

Alder Hanging Pendant from Hinkley

Natural light is a major selling point of indoor/outdoor spaces, but you can also recreate that warmth and comfort around the clock with fixtures that make the space work for your vision. Make the space’s light work for you by adding fixtures that fit your vibe. From low-key string lights to chic pendant fixtures to bold floor lamps, the right light will enhance your space instantly.

Thanks to the convertible nature of these trending new spaces, any season is the right season to get started on this project. Hit your local hardware store, and then head over to your neighborhood lighting showroom to find the piece that ties it all together.

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