Southern Lighting Display


If you have never shopped in a lighting showroom, outward appearance can be intimidating. The brightly illuminated display of gorgeous pendants and chandeliers can give a perception of high prices, while the vast selection can be overwhelming without a clear starting point. However, first time visitors will quickly learn there is something for every budget and they don’t have to navigate the showroom alone.

Knowing what-and what not- to expect ahead of your visit can increase your chances of finding your new favorite lighting fixture, ceiling fan or home decor for your space.


Start with an expert

Lighting showrooms are staffed with knowledgeable, experienced designers and American Lighting Association (ALA) certified lighting specialists. Depending on your needs, a showroom staff member can simply point you in the right direction or provide complimentary one-on-one design consultation to determine the fixtures that fit your style, budget and timeline best.


Personalized shopping experience

Member showrooms are often owned or managed by people who live in the same communities. Many of them are proudly family owned and have been for several generations. Because of this, they experience and anticipate the same needs for their home as customers living in the surrounding area.


Highly curated selection

Another way your experience is personalized is through your local showroom’s selection. Multiple times a year, owners and their staff travel to ‘market’ and hand pick the next round of products to fill their showroom.  Every item is then prominently displayed on the floor to help you imagine the piece in your own home.

And the options go beyond lighting. Showrooms also have an abundant stock of ceiling fans, home decor and furniture. The majority of what you need to remodel a room all in one location!


Dedicated service

The service and attention you receive at a local Lighting One member showroom is above and beyond that of retail chain stores or massive ecommerce sites.

Looking for an exact style? – The showroom staff can present you with options.

Is the item you want out of stock? -Your showroom can help you find a similar alternative.

Need specific hardware? – Showrooms also sell accessories like down rods for your fan, specific LED light bulbs and more.

The answers to these important questions and more, ensure you walk out of the showroom with exactly what you need in just one visit. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t always come back for more.


To experience the expertise, selection and service of a Lighting One member showroom, find the location near you.


Image source: Southern Lights, Burnsville, MN