When it comes to home lighting design, each room has its own unique style and personality. The living room has a chandelier along with lamps and sconces, and the bedroom has a ceiling fan and bedside lamps. As a man, you may have some interest in the lighting throughout your home, but the one room that you focus on above all is the man cave.

At Lighting One, we can help you find the perfect man cave lighting for your home. If you’re renovating an old bedroom into your man cave, or you’re remodeling the entire basement so that it can be the perfect place to watch the game or entertain friends and family, visit one of our affiliated showroom locations today!

The Viewing Area

Your man cave is likely centered around the TV screen. This viewing area is designed to provide the ultimate comfort when it comes to watching the game or hosting a movie night. When it comes to the lighting, you’ll want to be sure that there isn’t too much glare on the screen. Recessed lighting can be a great choice here, as well as wall sconces. Make sure that every fixture can be dimmed so that you can set the appropriate levels when watching your favorite team or films.

The Game Area

You may have created a man cave so that you could have friends over to play pool or so that you could host a monthly poker night. When it comes to the game area, you’ll want to think about what lighting you need. A pool table or island light is a must for the billiards area, and a hanging pendant or small chandelier can look great above the poker table.

If you’re playing board or tabletop games on a long table, then a multi-light pendant can be a great choice. Above all, you’ll want to make sure the area is well-lit, but not too bright, so that people can see as they play but the ambiance is still just right.

The Bar Area

No man cave is complete without at least a small bar area. You want to serve your guests their favorite drinks, and even if it’s just a small counter top and a mini fridge, the bar area will be a popular spot. Track lighting on the ceiling behind the bar and lamps on the bar will provide the light you need, as well as influence the look and feel of the entire room.

Accent Lighting

We’ve covered some of the accent lighting in your man cave, such as bar lamps and wall sconces. There may be opportunities for other accent fixtures, including table and floor lamps. Think about how each area of the room will be used and place your accent lights accordingly. If a corner of the room seems too dark, then place an upward-facing lamp there to illuminate it.

Find Your Man Cave Lighting Today

With amazing options from leading brands such as Quoizel, Lighting One can help you find the perfect man cave lighting. No matter what size the room is or what you have planned for it, one of our member showrooms can provide the fixtures that make your man cave comfortable, functional, and enjoyable.

We look forward to helping you!