Inspiring Lighting Trends

There have never been so many artful presentations in lighting as there are today. To help homeowners, builders, and interior designers prepare for their upcoming modern lighting projects, we’ve collected an inspiring gallery of lighting trends to provide contemporary ideas for any home or business. Be sure to take note of the many colors, finishes, layers, embellishments, shapes, sizes, materials, and bulb types featured in today’s hottest lighting fashions.

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We know you’ll love the inspiration you find!


Bathroom Lighting Design and Installation

Your bathroom lighting should be designed around both comfort and function. You need to be able to see your face in the mirror when you’re putting on makeup or shaving, but you also want to be able to lower the lights for that relaxing bubble bath at the end of a long, stressful day. At your local Lighting One showroom, you can find all types of bathroom fixtures, from vanity lights and wall sconces to mini chandeliers and recessed lighting. You can also incorporate LED lighting and dimmer switches to make your bathroom lighting more versatile and make the space feel like a luxury spa.


Bedroom Lighting Design and Installation

If you’re redesigning the lighting in your bedroom, then there are a number of things to consider. Are you adding a new ceiling light or ceiling fan that will act as the focal point of the room? Do you need new bedside lamps so that you can read before going to bed each night? At Lighting One, we can help you build your new bedroom with a selection of fixtures. You can add new ambient, task, and accent lighting, and you can incorporate styles and shapes that fit your personal tastes. We can also provide lighting controls that make it easy to create the mood or atmosphere that you desire.

Dining Room

Dining Room Lighting Design and Installation

Your dining room may only be used as a dining room on formal occasions and holidays, but it’s still important to have the proper lighting in the space, and everything starts with the chandelier. The right dining room chandelier can have a profound impact on how the space looks and feels, and you can pair the proper wall sconces and other accent lighting with the central fixture. If you have artwork on display, then track lighting might also be in order for your dining room. Visit our Tips page today to see how your local Lighting One showroom can help you find the perfect dining room lighting.

Family Room

Family Room Lighting Design and Installation

The family room or living room is where you all gather together to watch a movie, play a game, or simply enjoy each other’s company. Everything from the floor lamps to the sconces should add to the comfort of the room. If you have vaulted ceilings, then you can hang a large chandelier or invest in a big ceiling fan to help keep the space cool. If there’s a lot of natural light in the room, then make sure your lights are positioned to accommodate the sunshine during the day, and provide enough illumination during the evening. Check out our Tips page to learn more!


Kitchen Lighting Design and Installation

The kitchen is very likely the heart of your home, and you love spending time in there cooking delicious meals and catching up with friends over coffee. Your kitchen lighting needs to be versatile so that you can see while prepping ingredients, standing over the stove, and washing dishes after dinner. A mixture of ambient, task, and accent lighting will make your kitchen complete, and you’ll want to be sure that you have pendants for the island, recessed lighting for the ceiling, and under cabinet lights for the countertops. At Lighting One, our member showrooms can provide everything you need to make your kitchen what you want!


If you work from home, or you spend a lot of time in your home office going over paperwork or paying bills, then you’ll want to be sure you have the proper lighting. Bright, functional light is key for office work, and you can achieve proper illumination through desk lamps, overhead fixtures, and more. Task lighting is perhaps the most important aspect of any office, but if you have a couch or chair and a TV in the office for those short breaks, then ambient lighting is a must as well. If you’re looking for new office lighting, then start with your local Lighting One showroom.


Outdoor Lighting Design and Installation

Your outdoor lighting is what highlights your home and welcomes people when they come to visit. It’s important that your outdoor lights provide the perfect ambience for the exterior of your house, as well as safe and secure lighting for your home’s protection. If you’re looking to add new lights to a deck or patio, or you want to add motion sensor lights and timers, then Lighting One is here to help. With a great selection of sizes and styles, your local lighting showroom can provide everything you need. You can enhance the exterior of your home and make your property the talk of the neighborhood!


Entryway lighting is key to setting the tone for your home. If you have a large foyer, then a grand chandelier can make a strong statement within the space. If your entrance is smaller, then wall sconces or small lamps can provide the lighting you need as you enter or exit the house. Your entryway may lead to the main hallway of the home, and you can keep your lighting design consistent by installing similar fixtures in multiple spots on the wall or the ceiling. Above all, you want to make sure there’s plenty of light so that people feel welcome as they step inside your home.


As a business owner, you want your storefront or office building to be inviting. You need the right lighting for every space, from the front reception area to the conference rooms. If you own a restaurant or hotel, then your local Lighting One showroom can provide all the fixtures you need for the front of house or lobby area, as well as the dining room or guest rooms. Since commercial lighting often requires a larger number of fixtures and design on a larger scale, your showroom can help you order lights in bulk and save on shipping costs. Check out the gallery below for inspiration for your business!