1. Image of a mom helping her two young children with homework at the kitchen island with beautiful pendant lights hanging down

    Give Mom the Self Care She Deserves This Mother’s Day

    Before you pick out flowers, a card, and her favorite chocolate, consider giving Mom a relaxing space tailored specifically to her interests and needs. This gift will keep on giving for many years to come as it provides a small escape right at her fingertips, anytime she needs it! The Bedroom Escape For the mom that likes to sneak away and have some time to herself, a bedroom escape can be the per…Read More

  2. A “Spring Clean” for Your Kitchen!

    Your kitchen is the center of activity in your home. It serves many purposes, from acting as a gathering place when you have friends over to visit to a comfortable spot where you and the family can enjoy breakfast on the weekend. With spring soon to arrive, you might be thinking about spring cleaning once again, so at Lighting One, we thought we’d show you some “clean,” minimalist lighting i…Read More

  3. Which Lighting Style is Best for Your Kitchen?

    When it comes to building a new kitchen, many homeowners spend a lot of time focusing on the appliances, cabinets, and finding the perfect color of paint for the walls. While those are important aspects of kitchen design, it’s also important to not forget about the lighting. Some homeowners neglect the lighting because they’re not sure which style is best for their kitchen. At Lighting One, ou…Read More