1. Adding Chandeliers to Your Showroom

    You have all types of fixtures in your lighting showroom, but what is the one fixture that customers come in looking for more than any other? Patio lights? Bedroom lamps? Chandeliers? Depending on where you’re located and what the housing industry in your town or city is doing, the answer to that question will vary. However, chandeliers are often the most popular fixture for many homeowners, esp…Read More

  2. Expanding the Brands in Your Showroom

    In your lighting showroom, you have an array of fixtures available for every residential and commercial need. Homeowners, contractors, and designers come to you for the specific lighting projects, and nine times out of 10, you’re able to supply exactly what they need on their first visit. However, what about that one time when you’re not able to find the perfect fixture or lighting solution? A…Read More

  3. Does Your City Need a Lighting Showroom?

    If you’re a business-minded person, you’ve probably noticed of the types of businesses your city is saturated with, as well as those of which there don’t seem to be any. There might be plenty of restaurants, insurance agencies, and real estate offices, but what about lighting showrooms? If citizens have to drive an hour or more to find a quality light fixture, why not change that by opening …Read More

  4. Expanding Your Home Decor Selection

    As a local lighting store, you strive to provide your customers with the products they want. A homeowner may come in looking for a certain living room light fixture, and while talking to them, you discover that they’re also shopping for new home decor. You may have some home accents and accessories, but your selection may pale in comparison to your competitor across town. At Lighting One, we wan…Read More

  5. Stock the Latest Lighting Technology

    One of the most exciting things about the lighting industry is the new technology that debuts every year. It can also be one of the biggest challenges, as manufacturers attempt to integrate new lighting technology into their fixtures. Lamps, lanterns, and light bulbs have come a long way in the past 100 years, and homeowners today have more energy-efficient options than ever before. As a Lighting …Read More

  6. Working with General Contractors and Interior Designers

    If you own and operate a local lighting showroom, chances are a good number of your customers are general contractors or interior designers. Depending on where you live, you could be seeing a boom in new houses being built, as well as new commercial construction. Every home and office building that goes up needs lighting and interior design, and what better place to find those things than at a loc…Read More

  7. A National Brand with Local Impact

    At Lighting One, we love meeting new showroom owners and hearing how they’ve impacted their local community. They may have been in business for one year or ten, but no matter how long their doors have been open, they know how important it is to have what the customer needs at a price he or she can afford. Through our lighting co-op, we’ve met lighting store owners all across the country, and w…Read More

  8. Finding the Right Lighting Experts for Your Showroom

    They say a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and when it comes to your lighting showroom, it’s important for every employee to be as strong as possible. Your customers are going to come in with questions, and it’s important that whomever they encounter first can answer it or direct them to someone who can. The lighting industry is always changing, and having a team that has expertis…Read More

  9. Debuting a New Lighting Brand in Your Showroom

    If you own a lighting showroom, you want to display the best and “brightest” for your customers. You may have a section dedicated to each brand you carry, and this can make it easy for a customer to find exactly what they’re looking, provided they have a particular brand in mind. They may have used a certain brand throughout their entire house, and if they like the style of a particular fixt…Read More

  10. A Cooperative vs a Franchise

    “What’s the difference between a cooperative and a franchise?” It’s a question that perhaps you’ve heard before, and maybe you’ve even asked it yourself. While the definition of both can vary from industry to industry, there are some aspects of cooperatives and franchises that remain the same across the board. Each offers its own advantages, and as a business owner or entrepreneur who…Read More