Initially, the most compelling reason for our company joining Lighting One was financial. Over the past seven years as a member, these benefits pale in comparison to the strategic initiatives that Lighting One continues to bring to our industry and our business.

A few examples include:

  • A digital marketing initiative that drives customers into our local, brick and mortar showrooms. This project has increased customer phone calls and foot traffic consistently since 2015.
  • Strategic planning, resulting in measurable, meaningful changes; like improved MAP policies to diminish predatory pricing, exclusive products for showroom members that garner better margin, and a strong, global web presence to drive business to the local showroom through a Lighting One website.
  • A stellar branding strategy that leverages the local showroom brand for a broader reach; to consumers and trade professionals.

These are ONLY a few examples.  There are many more benefits that are not as easy to measure but equally as beneficial to our business.

Lighting One brings authenticity to the phrase “business partner.”  The benefits we reap are real, measurable, and meaningful.  Lighting One is a company of excellence and integrity.

Dana Hunt - Masterpiece Lighting