1. Great Decision To Make

    The decision to join Lighting One didn’t take me long.  You get rebates on all of your purchases, the programs that they offer save you thousands, and you are joining a Cooperative of the best Lighting Showrooms and Suppliers in the Industry!  I actually wonder why anyone wouldn’t join???…Read More

    Benson Littman – Littman Brothers
  2. Essential For Business Owners

    At the Lighting One Convention, there is so much information that is crucial for anyone to run their business. Lighting One doesn’t tell you what to do or how to run your business but gives you tips and practical tools year after year that are essential for business owners.…Read More

    Pat Graf – Accent Lighting
  3. Great Experience

    It is such a great experience being able to speak with someone who can talk to the same issues and understand exactly what we are trying to accomplish. These conversations are a great reminder of how important the network of our membership is and the incredible knowledge you can garnish if you take advantage of the opportunity that Lighting One gives. As our business gets more and more complex it …Read More

    David Director – Connecticut Lighting Centers
  4. Most Compelling Reason

    Initially, the most compelling reason for our company joining Lighting One was financial; rebates and product discounts. Over the past seven years as a member, these benefits pale in comparison to the strategic initiatives that Lighting One continues to bring to our industry and our business. A few examples include: A digital marketing initiative that drives customers into our local, brick and mor…Read More

    Dana Hunt - Masterpiece Lighting