Lighting One® is a business cooperative that began in 2001 as a way to provide our customers with the finest in light fixtures, home decor, and more. As a cooperative, we’ve built relationships with the top brands and suppliers in the world, and by doing so, we’re able to supply our customers with the finest selection and greatest variety of lighting products. Our showrooms are staffed the best in the lighting business – associates that knows which fixtures will work best in each room of your home or business. Through our cooperative model, local showroom owners are able to access the products and resources they need, which in turn allows them to better serve their customers. There are many benefits to shopping at a locally owned showroom that is part of the Lighting One cooperative!

A Fantastic Selection

The first, and perhaps foremost, benefit is that every Lighting One showroom has a fantastic selection from which to choose. If you have a specific lighting need for any room in your home, you can walk into your local Lighting One showroom, look through the inventory, and find exactly what you need. You won’t get stuck having to compromise for a fixture that doesn’t quite meet your specifications because the one you wanted wasn’t available. If you see a product in your showroom’s online catalog, visit your local Lighting One showroom and a staff member will help you find exactly what you need. We know that you may have a very specific light in mind, and it’s perfectly okay to expect your store to have it in stock.

Lighting for Multiple Rooms

On most occasions, when you visit a local lighting store, you’re not there for just one light or just one room. You might be building a house or working on remodeling several rooms within your home. You want a cohesive lighting design for your project, and that means you need access to a great selection of fixtures. The chandelier in the entryway needs to match the sconces on the wall, which need to lead stylistically to the lamps in the living room. If you’re adding new lights to your bedroom, you want the semi-flush fixture on the ceiling to work well with the bedside lamps. This isn’t an unrealistic expectation, and when you’re shopping for lighting for multiple rooms, you need a selection that can deliver everything you require. With Lighting One, you’ll get the options you want and the assistance that you need to go home with the perfect fixtures.

Expansive Selection of Products

Another perk of our lighting selection is that we offer products that can’t be found in other showrooms. You might have a particular brand or style that you absolutely love, but when you go to the nearest store, you find that they don’t carry that brand or style. By working with name brands and quality suppliers, Lighting One affiliated showrooms have fixtures that can’t be found in those big box stores or local hardware chains. With options from Hinkley, Kichler, and more, you can visit a Lighting One location and find the perfect fixtures for every project. By working with our preferred suppliers, we can provide an unmatched selection for lamps, sconces, and much more.

If you’re looking for the best in lighting selection, find a Lighting One showroom near you. We have locations all across the country, and chances are there’s a showroom only a few minutes away from your home!

An Experienced Staff

When you’re shopping for new lighting, you want to work with an experienced staff who knows how to recommend and find the perfect fixtures. At Lighting One showrooms, the team members have years of experience in selecting lighting and decor that matches a certain architecture or design style. Unlike many big box stores, you can find a certified lighting expert who has spent his or her life working on projects that resulted in a cohesive design that provided the homeowner or business owner with exactly what was desired. By working with an expert, you can come up with the optimal layout and design for your new living room lighting, the best way to light your kitchen, or how best to illuminate your new home theater area. There isn’t a room or space in a house or business that a certified expert can’t supply with the ideal fixtures.

Finding Answers to Your Questions

Perhaps you’ve just bought a house and you want to update the lighting. The current fixtures have been there for several years, maybe even decades, and you’re not sure where to start on the upgrade. You have dozens of lighting-related questions, and you need somewhere to go for the answers. By visiting your local Lighting One affiliated showroom, you can speak with somebody who knows how to install new fixtures, choose the best lighting for a specific space, and create a unique design within your home. Let’s say you have a living room with a vaulted ceiling and recessed border around the perimeter. How do you best light that space so that both the upper and lower parts of the room are illuminated? The showroom staff will be able to answer that question and any others that you may have.

Building Relationships

Since Lighting One uses a cooperative system that empowers local owners to create their own success, we’re always focused on building relationships. That idea extends to the customers that visit the showroom, since it’s important to build trust when working with a team who has been tasked with finding the proper lighting for your home. You should be greeted with a warm smile when you walk into the store, and be helped as soon as possible after you come through the door. You need to be able to rely on a staff member’s word that he or she will find the right fixture for you, or if it’s not in stock, order it and have it for you in a timely manner.

A showroom should also be involved in the community, and always finding ways to give back to the local economy. Many of our locally owned and affiliated showrooms host charity events at their locations or partner with local nonprofits to promote a certain cause. A business doesn’t exist only to provide a product or a service – they’re there to bolster the community and create a place where people can trust that they’re receiving genuine assistance from a business that truly cares about people, not just the bottom line.

If you want to work with an experienced staff who truly care about finding the best lighting options for you, find a Lighting One location near you today!

The Best in Style and Design

When coming up with a lighting design, you may not be sure where to start or how to create a complete plan that incorporates every room in your house. While there’s nothing wrong with being a bit unsure about which fixtures you want, it’s a good idea to have a firm plan in mind. Perhaps you want Victorian-style fixtures for your home, or maybe you’re more inclined to choose Contemporary lights. Whatever the case may be, Lighting One showrooms have the best in style and design, which means you can find exactly what you want without having to compromise on what you have in mind.

Each Room’s Feel

Creating a comprehensive lighting design for your home can seem like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Thinking about each room individually can help you decide which fixtures will be best for it, while maintaining an overall “feel” based on a design aspect that you want to see throughout the entire house. If you’re adding new lights to a cabin and you want a rustic feel that has a certain curve or line incorporated into it, you can take that aspect from room to room. Your local showroom can help you find the fixtures that fit that aesthetic, and your motif will be carried through the house, even if it’s only in subtle ways. You can start on the front porch and work your way to the basement or the attic, choosing products for every room as you go.

From the Outside In

While many homeowners focus on the interior lighting, it’s important never to forget about your outdoor lighting. The style and design of your exterior fixtures can set the tone for your property, and it’s the first thing people see when they pull up in front of your house. There’s nothing wrong with choosing functionality over form when it comes to your outdoor fixtures, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create an appealing aesthetic that makes your home inviting. With options from name-brand suppliers, you can find outdoor lighting that meets your needs and matches your design preferences.

In-Home Consultations

Many Lighting One locations will have a certified expert who offers in-home consultations. This convenient service literally brings the expert into your home to discuss design and style choices. You may have a piece of decor or a certain color that you want to base your fixture choices off of, and the best way to choose your lights is to see that influence in the context of your home. Staying with the room-by-room approach, you and the lighting expert can walk through your house, discussing where light is needed, how best to configure your layout, and what will make the strongest statement in a certain room.

If you’re looking for the best in lighting design and style choices, there’s no better place than a Lighting One showroom. Look through our list of locations to find a store near you. We have more than 300 showrooms across North America!

A National Approach with a Local Feel

When you shop at a big box or department store, you may get the impression that the store is lacking that local feel that makes you feel comfortable as you look for a certain product. You may find what you’re looking for, but you leave feeling that there is more that you could’ve gained from the experience. At Lighting One, we believe in taking an approach that influences the neighborhood lighting showroom by helping it generate more revenue and impact the local economy. As a cooperative, we want to help local entrepreneurs create the business that they want to run – one that directly serves and benefits their communities.

Locally Owned and Operated

Every Lighting One location is locally owned and operated, meaning that there’s no “parent” company that oversees how things are done, how the books are kept, and how the business interacts with customers. Lighting One provides access to an amazing selection of products and resources that puts the business in a position where it can grow and thrive. The money that customers spend in the store stays in the community, which is always a boost to the local economy. Families who opened stores 50 years ago can keep the business in the family when the older generation decides to retire and hand the keys over to their children or grandchildren. We want our lighting showrooms to be businesses that provide great products, great jobs, and a place for the community to connect.

Providing Valuable Resources

If you’ve ever been in a new business or storefront, you’ve probably seen the struggles that any new enterprise can face. Hiring, payroll, shipping, and other logistics can have a profound impact on how a business runs, and if any of those things are faltering, that impact can be decidedly negative. Through our cooperative, store owners can gain access to valuable resources such as shipping discounts, payroll management systems, and more, which allows them to focus on their most important assets – their customers. Instead of worrying about who he or she will hire, an owner can feel confident that their showroom will attract quality applicants who will enhance the culture that’s already in place.

Lighting One exists to empower showroom owners to provide amazing products, outstanding service, and an experience that customers won’t soon forget. If you’re looking for the best in lighting, design advice, and more, find a showroom near you today!

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